Stuff We Did

Application Development


Leonardo is the master's choice for graphics on Palm OS®. Ideal for Architects, Designers, Engineers, Writers & Artists of all diverse kinds and natures. Ideal for you.

Leonardo's Workshop, the amazing desktop companion application, is currently freely available for Windows and Mac OS.

Immersive, Educational Virtual Worlds

Rejuvenation Island

Developed for pre-service teacher instruction for the University of Southern Quensland, this immersive, restorative, interactive nature simulation sought to replicate three typical features of Queensland's environment; the beach, the tropical rainforest, and the plains.

Religion Bazaar

Developed for undergraduate teaching this accurate 1:1 scale interactive simulation of an ancient Egyptian temple was built for the Religion Bazaar Island at The University of Queensland.


Developed for undergraduate teaching and postgraduate research, this interactive simulation replicated the Tasmanian natural environment and contained a ritual mountain and a steampunk themed area. The simulation contained many activities for students to undertake include rocket ship racing and pirate ship sailing.

Web Development


This is a site for an alternative band. The site features MP3s for download as well as a comprehensive image gallery. Users can join the mailing list, read the lyrics, access a band bio or email the band.

It also features an Ecommerce solution which enables users to purchase the band's CDs.

Brendan Dwyer Custom - Bespoke footwear handmade in Melbourne