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The wirejunkie site is home to a number of useful documents, listed below.

Javascript for E-Commerce

This document provides a framework that a web developer can use to build an online shop. Familiarity with the JavaScript language is assumed. Please note that the system presented in this document was originally developed in the late 1990s, and should not necessarily be construed as to impart current best practice. For more details please see this blog post.


The KeyGlove is a glove interface with many press-studs on the fingers, thumb and palm, which when touched together generate a keypress in the same manner as a keyboard. It is intended to be used as an input device for a wearable computer. The original idea came from an article at eyetap.org (currently available via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine), but in this version the press-studs have been moved to more comfortable positions, and the keys have been mapped in a different fashion through software.

Free Stuff

From time to time we have put together some utilities to make our lives a bit easier. You will find some of these on this page. They are free, so take 'em if you want 'em.


Devout is a utility that exports email from Microsoft Outlook 2000 to Evolution mbox format.

Links to Other Resources

Many and varied are the other useful bits & pieces out there on the web. Here we have listed some we have found of especial value.